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List of the Faculty Members

Sr.No.ImageName of TeacherQualificationDesignationDepartment
1Dr.Minaxi AroraM.D (AY) Dravyaguna, Ph.D.Principal,Professor & H.O.D DravyaGuna Vigyan
2Dr.Ashok K.NandwaniG.A.M.S PGCRProfessor & H.O.D Kaya Chikitsa
3Dr.Neerja SharmaM.D. (AY) Prasuti Tantra avam Stri RogProfessor & H.O.D Prasuti Tantra
4Dr.Jasbir KaurM.D. (AY) Prasuti Tantra avam Stri RogProfessor &Medical Supdt. Prasuti Tantra
5Dr.Rajeev SoodMD(Ay)KayaChikitsaProfessor & H.O.D. Panch Karma
6Dr. Reeta AbrolM.D. (AY) DravyagunaProfessor &H.O.D. Agad Tantra
7Dr.Ritesh ChawlaM.D. (AY) Kaya ChikitsaProfessor Kaya Chikitsa
8Dr.ReemaM.D (AY) RasShastraReader&H.O.D. Ras Shastra
9Dr. Sudha BhallaM.D. (AY) Kaya ChikitsaReader & H.O.D. Kaumar Bhritya
10Dr.Vivek ThakurM.S.(Ay)Shalya TantraReader Shalya Tantra
11Dr. Phand SheetalM.D. (AY) Kriya SharirReader & H.O.D. Sharir Kriya
12Dr.TipuM.S. (AY) ShalyaTantraReader &H.O.D. Shalakya Tantra
13Dr.Venus MarwahaM.S. (AY) Shalya TantraReader & HOD Rachna Sharir
14Dr.Patil AshwaniM.D.(AY)Samhita&SidhantReader &HOD Maulik Siddhant
15Dr.Sajjad Elahi MalikM.D. (AY) Kaya ChikitsaReader & HOD Swasthvritta
16Dr.Bhanu Puri M.D. (AY) Samhita &SidhantLecturer Maulik Siddhant
17Dr.Sunny SharmaM.D. (AY) Rachna SharirLecturer Rachna Sharir
18Dr.AshwaniM.D.(AY) Ras ShastraLecturer Agad Tantra
19Dr.Amandeep GuptaM.S. (AY)Shalakya TantraLecturer Shalakya Tantra
20Dr.Tanvi SharmaM.D. (AY) Samhita & SiddhantLecturer Sharir Kriya
21Dr.Saundarya KashyapM.D.(AY)Rasshastra and Bhaishajya KalpanaLecturer Ras Shastra
22Dr.Radhika SharmaM.D.(Ay.)PanchkarmaLecturer Panch Karma
23Dr.Mandeep KaurM.S.(Ay.)PrasutiTantraEvamStrirogLecturer Prasuti Tantra
24Dr.Neeraj VaidM.D.(AY)Samhita&SidhantLecturer Maulik Siddhant
25Dr. Mandeep SinghM.S.(Ay.)ShalyaTantraLecturer Shalya Tantra
26Dr.Renu DeviM.D. (AY) SwasthavrittaLecturer Swasthvritta
27Dr.Pranjlee Modgil SharmaM.D.(AY) RogVigyanLecturer Rog Nidan
28Dr.Ipsha JoshiM.D.(AY)KaumarbhrityaLecturer Kaumar Bhritya
29Dr.Priyanka BhattM.D.(Ay.)KayaChikitsaLecturer Kaya Chikitsa
30Dr.Vikrant SharmaPhD SanskritLecturer Maulik Siddhant
31Mr.GurpreetM.Sc. MathematicsBiostatician Maulik Siddhant
32Mr.Mohit SharmaM.A ( Yoga )Yoga Instructor Swasthvritta
33Dr.KunjeshM.D.(Ay.)Lecturer Maulik Siddhant
34Dr.Nutan SharmaM.D.(Ay)Lecturer DravyaGuna Vigyan



  • NON



    1SNT 05Ms.Jyoti SharmaLibraryLibrarian
    2SNT 28Mr.Rohit SharmaLibraryAssistant Librarian
    3SNT 19Mrs.Rajwinder KaurLibraryLibrary Attendant or Peon
    4SNT 01Mr.Ramesh KumarOfficeClerical staff for admin.& acc. services
    5SNT 02Mr.Fakir Chand OfficeClerical staff for admin.&acc. services
    6SNT 11Mr.Varun SharmaOfficeClerical staff for admin.&acc. services
    7SNT 29Mr.Munish MoryaOfficeClerical staff for admin.& acc. services
    8SNT 43Mrs.Kanwaljit KaurSamhita & SiddhantaAttendant
    9SNT 55Mr. Chander ShekharRachna SharirLaboratory Technician
    10SNT 52Mr.Yogeshwar SharmaRachna SharirLaboratory Asisstant
    11SNT 30Mr.BhagwantRachna SharirMuseum Keeper
    12SNT 56Mr.RamAvadhRachna SharirLifter
    13SNT 45Mr.Rajiv KumarRachna SharirAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker
    14SNT 06Mr.SandeepKriya SharirLaboratory Technician
    15SNT 08Mr.Ravi ShankerKriya SharirLaboratory Assisstant
    16SNT 12Mr.Vishal SharmaKriya SharirAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker
    17SNT 57Miss Janavi MahajanKriya SharirMuseum Keeper
    18SNT 51Mr.Deepak AroraDravyagunaLaboratory Technician
    19SNT 07Mrs.Monika LuthraDravyagunaLaboratory Assisstant
    20SNT 54Mr.Om PrakashDravyagunaMuseum Keeper
    21SNT 42Mr.Sarabjeet SinghDravyagunaAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker
    22SNT 10Mr.RakshitBadhwarRasa ShastraLaboratory Technician
    23SNT 58Mr. Amit KumarRasa ShastraLaboratory Assisstant
    24SNT 37Mr.Sukhwinder SinghRasa ShastraAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker
    25SNT 21Mr.HimachalRasa ShastraWorker
    26SNT 59Mr. Jivan Nath ShuklaRasa ShastraWorker
    27SNT 03Mr.Suresh RanaRoga NidanLaboratory Technician
    28SNT 26Mr.SanjayRoga NidanLaboratory Technician
    29SNT 04Mr.Vipan GautamRoga NidanLaboratory Assisstant
    30SNT 47Kawaljeet KaurRoga NidanAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker
    31SNT 16Mrs.MonikaSwasthavritta & AgadMuseum Keeper
    32SNT 14Mr.Jaimal SinghSwasthavritta & AgadAttendant
    33SNT 39Mrs.Kulwinder KaurKaumarbhritya & PanchkarmaAttendant
    34SNT 20Mrs.Parveen KaurKayachikitsa & ParsutiAttendant
    35SNT 60Mr Sona SinghKayachikitsa & ParsutiAttendant
    36SNT 61Mr Mukhwinder SinghShalyaLaboratory Technician
    37SNT 53Mr Ashish KumarShalyaLaboratory Assisstant
    38SNT 40Mr Sukhwinder SinghShalyaAttendant
    39SNT 13Mr.Shyam LalHerbal GardenGardener
    40SNT 22Mr. Sant SewakHerbal GardenMultipurpose Worker
    41SNT 50Mr.Karnail SinghHerbal GardenMultipurpose Worker

Alumni of Our college

Our students are very much disciplined,hard working & have good intellect.They are getting good positions in university results.Our graduates are serving patients in urban as well as rural areas & getting full honour in the society.Apart from this,they have been selected for M.D.(Ayu.) & other P.G.courses not only in reputed institutes of ayurveda in India but also in universities of abroad….more


Ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery- B.A.M.S)
The Candidate will be awarded Ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery-B.A.M.S) …more

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